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General French, specific or business French are available in French West Institute for all students from 18 to 78 years old. All of our teachers are native speakers and experienced in teaching various languages. They’re from France and Guadeloupe which allow having every side of French culture and accents. Flexibility is our key word and different programs can be mixed:

Each student has a personal evaluation test to determine their level first day in school and the last day of journey with a level certificate according to final level test.

f 20 hours a week of general French

f Privates lessons
Needs led courses are available on request

f Intensive courses (25 hours a week)

f Creole (local patois) lessons

f Small group of 8 students

f Personal attention is given to each student and our dedication goes beyond the classroom.

f A comprehensive cultural program which provides an insight into all aspects of French and
Caribbean cultures.

Course Details

1/ Vocabulary

Expressions and idiomatic phrases to aid fluency when speaking French.

2/ Grammar

Revision and learning of the tenses and more complex grammar topics depending on the level.

3/ Pronunciation

Pronunciation: Learning to understand the different French accents, comprehension of native speakers and learning the art of intonation and correct pronunciation.

4/ Situations

The ability to express yourself in different everyday situations.

5/ Functions

Communicate effectively in French to persuade, compare, argue, sympathize, exchange opinions etc.

6/ Topics

The language to converse on different topics, personal life, past experiences, future plans and current events.



French west institute has built up planning various daily activities for students to mix learning and pleasures. As Guadeloupe is composed by 2 different islands with different geographies, it offers a diverse mix of rural culture and eco-tourism adventure activities and every water sport or farniente.

You want to horse-ride on the beach at sunset? Or hike the volcano? Or just want to relax under palm trees ? Pa ni pwoblem ! (Don’t worry)

French West Institute will help you in all your requests to have more fun during your journey in Guadeloupe. We also want you to discover and take part of our local cultural, musical, sports, or gastronomic events in order to better understand and enjoy our Caribbean lifestyle.

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Different options are proposed for those who would like a complete immersion trip or those who prefer autonomy:

accomodation in guadeloupe


We carefully select host families who demonstrate a sincere interest in meeting and speaking French with our students.
Our host families welcome students into their home as a member of the family and encourage the student to participate in family activities.


Fully equipped, we choose them for you to feel at home.
They are usually located no more than 20 minutes from the school, in town, next to the beach or in the country for those who prefer the peace and quiet of the countryside.